short reprieve

December 14, 2007

It was 42 degrees in our house this am when we returned home for showers.  Weststar is saying we should have electricity back around the 22nd.  That’s a week from tomorrow!  You know the phrase fish and house guests stink after 3 days…The people we are staying with are saints.  There are the four of them Mark, our pastor, his wife Laurie who raises Old English Sheep dogs, their son TJ, 16 and the drummer for our worship team, and their other son Josh who is a few days older than Kennedy.  TJ’s buddy Josh is also staying even though his sister he lives with has a generator, I think he is having more fun at the Roberts.  Also staying at the Roberts are the Millers, Heather, worship leader, and sons Eli 10 and Ben 9.  Her husband Darin should return today from a business trip to Illinois.  Throw in Greg Kennedy and myself that makes 11.  I just hope Mark doesn’t draw from this week for any sermon illustrations.  It has been a little hard not to be grumpy with each other, I think everyone would like to just be at home in their own beds.  I remind myself though that we have the luxary of staying in a warm home with comfortable beds rather than one of the shelters.  Oh, and the forecast tells us that we should receive between 4-6 inches of snow tonight.  Keep us in your prayers, thanks.


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