Update on Global Freezing

December 11, 2007

Just more of the same.  We may get up to an inch of ice which means all the power lines will become coated in ice and crash to the ground.  Which will answer the question of how long will my computer battery last?  We will use it for watching DVD’s since there will be no internet access.  My guess is 4 hours.  What do you think?  We have made the necessary preparations.

1.Move all the blankets to the living room.  Even though it is on the north side of the house and has a large picture window it is still the warmest room due to the carpeting.  Much of the rest of the house is hardwood floors.

2.  Flash lights, candles, and sterno cans.

3. Non perishable food for meals and snacks.  We can BBQ if we need to and can brave the cold.  Jiffy pop

Butter Popcorn Butter Popcorn

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Butter Popcorn Butter Popcorn

will be about the only thing we cook on the sterno, except maybe smores.

4.  Game boys, books and other non electrical devices.  We will also have a contest to see who is the first “bright idea” person who tries to use an electrical device after the power is out.  I usually lose as I walk into a room and flip the light switch.

5. Get the ice chest handy in case we go into multiple days. We can take perishable food from the fridge and freezer and move it outside.

Well, I know I am forgetting something.  I will probably have plenty of time to think of it…in the dark…and cold…..brrrrrrr


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