October 26, 2007

What if we, as Christians, worried less about peoples sexuality and more about spirituality.  Just a little rant about Christians thinking it is ok to condemn someone because of their sin.  If that is going to happen,  God will be doing the condemning, and we may have to do the explaining why we didn’t befriend that person and teach them in love.



  1. Is this about Professor Dumbledore 🙂

  2. OK, that last comment is really funny, BUT…

    I am with you here. I am tired of Christians acting like fools and then saying “Jesus Loves You”!

    we are so worried about what is right and what is wrong and we never give them a chance to see Jesus. I think we should try that first 🙂

  3. Just leave Professor Dumbledore alone! Check youtube for my latest rant in defense of Dumbledore.
    Just kidding, no this was about a comment made to me personally about someone who appears to be gay. We are so easily distracted from the things we are supposed to be working on.

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