October 25, 2007

I’ll be honest with you, I have been searching for my passion. Those of you who know me, who really know me, know that I was passionate about Meadowlark Hills and my job with the elderly. I am passionate about my children and husband. I am passionate about making myself comfortable. No seriously, I over feed myself trying to make myself comfortable. I comfort myself with a little, strike that, with a lot of television. I comfort myself with relationships that make me feel comfortable. I hang out with people who will compliment me, who stroke my ego and meet my emotional needs. I have been pretty much the center of my world for the last 40 something years. But I made a promise, I accepted Jesus as my savior and as my center of my universe, but I had forgotten that promise. What I want to be passionate about is pleasing my Father. I want to make Him pleased with my obedience.  So begins my journey, to be pleasing to God.  Now what?



  1. hey. haven’t seen you for a while. i haven’t been around much the last few sundays…i apologize, i’ve been either sick or traveling to see family and such. hope to see you at the concert tonight! have a great day!

  2. Yeah Don Miller broke me down last week on my chapter of Blue Like Jazz. Something like we do the things we do because we love doing them. No matter how charitable or respectable they are, no matter how vile or crazy they are, it’s because we love doing them because it makes us feel good. It’s only through the transforming power of Jesus Christ that He changes the things we love into pleasing the Father. Its then that we’re able to bring Heaven to Earth!

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