Towels and Socks

October 23, 2007


I’ve got to stop by the store today and pick up some towels and socks. I am using the money I would normally spend on Merchandise to support the needy in my community.

Bring them with you to the Remedy Club Tour

Surely We Can Change Something: TOWELS AND SOCKS! here’s the deal, we would like the Remedy Club Tour to leave more than just fuzzing memories of sonic happiness. we think it fitting for the night to include concrete expressions of remedy. thus, we have contacted local homeless shelters and asked what they need most. they have informed us that towels and socks are the items most needed. here’s what we would ask you to do do: bring towels and socks to the concert! you heard correctly – BRING TOWELS AND SOCKS WITH YOU TO THE CONCERT! don’t show up with out them. we will pile them up and drop them at the local shelter where there shall be much rejoicing. -dcb



One comment

  1. Don’t miss the Surely We Can Change Something flier people will have as you walk in and leave!

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