Kathy Griffin No Credit To Jesus

September 26, 2007

Check out this article in Reality Blurred regarding Kathy Griffin and her acceptance speech at the Emmys. Giving no credit to Jesus and telling God exactly what to do Griffin has offended many Christians. The group Miracle Theater even spent 90,000 on an ad in USA TODAY to express their views. My thoughts, I believe we Christians need to spend less time being offended and more dollars on feeding the poor. What do you think?



One comment

  1. I’m with you. I wonder if they realize that with the $90K that they spent on one forgettable ad they could have sponsored 200 World Vision Hope children for a year, or 20 for 10 years. They could have built wells in Africa. They could provide orphans of AIDS with places to live and education. They could have rescued children in the Sudan or girls sold into prostitution.

    But, you know, somebody had to stop Kathy Griffin.

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