Shark Week

August 3, 2007

It is shark week on the discovery channel, sharks are one of my favorite things… from a distance.  I don’t like scary movies, but I like to be scared.  It reminds me of an analogy my friend Jake told me.  His little daughter, Micah was about 2 when they were playing hide and go seek.  Jake would go upstairs and bound down with big steps and scoop her up and eat her belly button.  Micah would squeal with terror the entire time Jake was coming down stairs and while Jake was “getting” her and as soon as he sat her down she would cry “get me again daddy.”  Now the real analogy is between Micah and us and Jake and God.  Micah was not afraid of Jake but she feared him.  I am not afraid of God, but I fear Him. Maybe the right word is respect, but fear of the Lord seems so much more appropriate.  Just some thoughts, let me know what you think.



One comment

  1. what in the world did you do , that would be my biggest fear

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