Roll Call

June 21, 2007

Our friend Mike Pittman died last Friday in Iraq.  The humvee he was driving was attacked by an improvised explosive device killing Mike yet sparing the three other soldiers on board leaving them with only minor injuries.  Mike was our sound tech before he left for Iraq.  He was covered in tattoos and enjoyed inking others with his tremendously beautiful art.  The Army, in fact, was supposed to be his way to pay for college so he could get that teaching degree.  Mike loved kids, had four of his own.  And they adored Mike, they were so proud of their father who joined the military a little later than most.  He was 33 in August of 2006 when he enlisted but Mike knew this could lead to the fulfillment of a lot of dreams for him.

Fast forward to today.  Two other soldiers from Fort Riley died last week so the memorial we attending today was for three men.  The Army has a lot of tradition, some of which I do not have a good understanding of.  For example the first sargent called out a  soldiers name  and he would respond sir , yes sir.  Next the first sargent would call out the name of a fallen soldier.

Pittman, Specialist Pittman …

No Reply

Pittman, Specialist Michael Pittman …

Again, no reply

Pittman, Specialist Michael Patrick Pittman …

The silence was deafening.  Until I heard the sobs of his oldest daughter.


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