Roll Call 2.0

June 21, 2007

So we are sitting in the Morris Hill Chapel yesterday and the First Sergeant is really hacking me off.  Making my friends cry.  Calling for Mike.  He is not going to answer…ever.  We know this.  I am thinking,  I would do anything to make  it so Mike can answer.  My next thought is heaven.  Mike is there.  He loves Jesus.  He is going to make that roll call.  Ok, I have no clue what heaven is like, maybe it is like my old job and we hand scan in, maybe like my new job and we swipe and ID card with our picture on it.  I am not sure how it works except I know at some point it will be too late to make roll call and  those who are not called will not be joining God in heaven.  Will the names of my friends, family and loved ones ring out without a response?  What am I supposed to do?  I am not entirely sure, but I am aware of the desperation that motivated me yesterday.  It has me up in the middle of the night thinking about things.


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