My New Job

June 10, 2007


I haven’t talked much about my new job.  I was so disappointed to  be laid off the newspaper job after the boss promised so many times that wouldn’t happen.  I honestly was a little doubtful that God even knew where I was employed and if He did know, I questioned if he cared.  Well, He knows about the sparrow and He also knows and cares about my life.  Currently, I am a graphic designer with GTM.  Interested companies email us their logos and we either digitize them so they can be sewn as embroidary on to products, or someone from the other department draws them so they can be screen printed.  There are about 20 artists in each department.   I found myself struggling, it is a lot different than photography, even though I still work with Photoshop.  I didn’t know two of the software programs called Ethos and Imagine and wasn’t sure I was going to learn them.  I found myself praying asking God to help, to send in some Christians that I could have contact with who might help change a couple things in the department.  Three new people started on Monday and we spent our first time together on Thursday.  Mike was wearing a Ben Folds t-shirt, so we got to taking about music.  Two of them are Christians and enjoy many of the same bands I do.  Thank you God, it may seem like a little thing, but really boosted my spirit.


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