Finding Fidel

May 26, 2007

Before I met my dear husband Greg his “man club” consisted of him, white pasty preacher boy from Kansas and three dear friends. Chris Ahkemieun, John Budiango and Fidel(his American name, Fidel comes from Zimbabwe). Chris runs Tractors for Our Daily Bread, and works in Canada and overseas to help feed the poor, but unfortunately Greg has lost track of John and Fidel. When Fidel left the United States to return to his home country, it was in a state of civil unrest. Many times Greg has wondered the fate of Fidel. I would love to show Greg how powerful the blog world is and find a way to contact Fidel. Fidel was in Manhattan, KS from about 1990 to 1995 and attended the Vineyard Church. If anyone has any idea of how to locate Fidel, I promise to research for his given name, please let us know. Thanks, Shari


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