anchordownband get out there and vote

April 25, 2007

  Post from Bwacks forum, I really enjoy these guys music, take a listen, vote if it moves ya.


“Hi everyone. I’m a bit embarrassed to do this…

To summarize, we are invited to two festivals this summer but only get to play if we acquire many votes from all of our online supporters. The polls close in a matter of days.

I realize you are bombarded with bulletins, spam messages, and even local television commercials, but arise!

Those that have fought for suffrage would ask the same; go and vote now. Tell anyone who knows what the internet is, to go to the links below and make their voice heard. If they do not know of the afore-mentioned “internet”, then let their first experience online be the fullness of heart that accompanies voting for Anchordown at the sites below.


Spirit West Coast:

Come what may, vote today!
Donald and the rest of ADB”


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