Sparking Wiggles video

April 18, 2007

I am not going to link it, you can look it up if you need to see it, but on You tube right now there is a video of a little girl saying “sparkling wiggles” . Now this little girl has a age- typical speech impediment and this phrase sounds like fn ngrs. Is it wrong, I mean she is saying sparkling wiggles, right? Her parents, I assume, are encouraging her by adding phrases like too many sparkling wiggles at this party, and sparkling wiggles get a job.
My feelings may be evident but I want to know your thoughts.  Free speech at its best?  Hateful bigotry? Any thoughts welcome.


One comment

  1. Sure free speech is great and fine but taking it to the next level and recording your daughter, calling friends/family (from the video a phone is held up to the daughter), and posting it on the internet is just plain exploitive and devious.
    I’m appalled.

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