Don Imus Apologizes

April 10, 2007


Ok, so is it forgive and  forget?  Turn the other cheek?  I don’t buy his apology.  I think he is sorry that someone called him on his bigotry.  Anyone catch the Al Sharpton interview?  I think if Imus has every member of the Rutgers womens team on his program and personally apologizes, then it will be up to them to grant his pardon.

Here is the roster for ya, Don.

           ADAMS, KATIE G Jr. 5-10 Ogden/Ogden, UT

And don’t forget coach Stringer.  Call them by name, look them in the eye and apologize for attacking their character.  I promise if you had to work as hard as these student athletes  for the hope of a good paying  job, you might have turned out differently.


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