Communion-Are we missing the point?

February 28, 2007

I have food rules.  One of my biggies is I don’t want other people touching my food.  Ever.  I really don’t enjoy eating out because of this.  I also do love Subway because they were the little plastic gloves.  As should anyone who intends to touch my food.  I was able to joke about it a little  bit with some people, but I really struggle here.  Anyone else gag at the thought of someones dirty hands on the communion?


One comment

  1. One type of communion I’ve enjoyed is where we all pull a peice of the same loaf, then dip it in a cup. We never touch someone elses peice…just tearing it off.

    One type I DO NOT like is when we all tore a peice, prayed our burdens down, then later took someone else’s torn peice and ate theirs. While I don’t mind sharing burdens, so people maul their bread in their hand as they pray and it gets all smushed together. As my mother would say, “GAG A SKUNK!”

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