Ash Wednesday

February 22, 2007

Lent…40 days until we celebrate He has risen.  Lent used to be much more important to me in my religious days, I really embraced remembrances, icons and symbols.  But as my relationship with Jesus grew and my need to be relevant became a priority for me,  I rejected the symbols, observances, and icons in order to “worship Jesus only”.  Swoosh…what’s that sound, you ask?  It is the pendulum swinging back around.  I feel God tugging on my heart, asking for it.  Not for my money, but for my time.  He yearns for my first thought to be of Him, because he loves me and it will prosper me.  It will be good for me.  I remember telling my girls to eat their vegetables because it will be good for them, same principle, but I really don’t want to obey anymore than they did.  Why did they eat their veggies? Because they love me and want to honor me with their obedience.   In the same sense, I will be honoring God and  showing Him that I love Him this lenten season.   What about you?   Can I encourage you to sacrifice something in order to draw closer to the One  who loves us?




One comment

  1. GReat post. I just read another post on lent today I linked to that got me thinking as well…a great post also.

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