Thanks for the gift

February 21, 2007


Someone signed me up for CCM magazine. At first, I laughed at the great gag someone pulled on me. I have for years proclaimed a strong dislike for contemporary christian music as I felt it was far from contemporary and blatantly christian. Retrospectively, I realize I need to ask for forgiveness for my condesending, judgemental attitude. I will probably come to the same conclusion with country music at some point, but not yet. Anyway, so I am looking at my second issue of CCM and found a pretty cool article. Check out Preachers, Poets & Prophets by John J. Thompson. It goes into depth about “Christian” bands, bands that some of the members are Christians and bands that play Christian music. Let me know what you think about the article.

I also got another gift today that really didn’t look like a gift. Kind of felt like a gag. Our boss, Jon, called us into his office and gave us a two week notice. Business has been rough, people haven’t been paying for their ads and needless to say, it is hard to pay staff without money coming in. But we have two weeks to figure out where God would have us go. John, the other paid employee, graduates from college in May from K-State and then will settle into a nice job with some architechtual firm. We will both be good, yet it kind of intially makes me question, what’s the big idea God? I worked for 10 years each at my last two jobs and now I have had this job that I really enjoy for only 10 months. The panic that comes over me, that is not of God. That peace that I feel when I talk to God about His plan, that is of God…and that is the gift.




One comment

  1. Wow. God must have some mighty plans in store for you to be spreading your influence and training in such different directions. I’m praying for you to find his drection and purpose next.


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