Road Trip Summary

December 30, 2006

Houston is way south and a very long drive, a lot farther home after losing your bowl game very badly.  37-10 badly.  We played in an NFL stadium with a dome and the field was a mess.  It appeared rain soaked and smelled terribly.   Known as a very fast team, KSU was definately slowed down by this mess and very much taken away from our game.  We would have probably still lost on astro turf, but I think the game would have changed.

I was a photographer for this game so did not get to go to the press box.  Photographers are considered some where below pond scum by the media big wigs.  I did get some decent pictures but can’t seem to post them.

Time to switch to basketball mode and I have a whole week off until my next game.  KSU Men, I believe, is the first home game of 2007.

How were your holidays?  What was your best gift?



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