I Love Anne Jackson

November 7, 2006

Ok, You know what I mean. 

Not the more than my husband kind of love, but hey this chick is right kind of love.  And right now she inspires me to show others that kind of love.  Read her post below regarding Ted Haggard.  I also have her link on the sidebar.  How are you going to respond?

“i am that kind of christian

so, it’s inevitable. with the whole ted haggard scandal, the cynics are hammering out some hate for evangelicals. this group of cynics also includes some of my friends and acquaintances, and being the “strategic” person i am, i start planning how conversations with these people might go.

instantly, my mind goes to the “it’s christians like that who give other christians a bad name” and “i’m not that kind of christian” and then i realize…

i AM that kind of christian.

since becoming a believer, i have lied. i have stolen. i have used god’s name in vain. i have dishonored my parents. i have looked at porn. i have abused alcohol and other mind altering substances. i have thought lustful thoughts and have done lustful things. i have neglected my husband and put ministry and career first. i have been bitter. jealous. materialistic. i have been unforgiving.

yet i am scandalously forgiven by a provocative father who loves me.

so, mr. haggard, i don’t know you. and you don’t know me. but at least on this little piece of cyberspace, i am standing right with you.

i am that kind of christian. ”

Thanks Anne http://www.flowerdust.net/?p=152



  1. A good article. What of the trust we give to leaders, and that they earn to get where they are? What of the values he was so adamently defending? What of the impact on elections and politics? God can redeem anything. I still find myself…forgiving, yes…but also, still grieving, saddened, wondering how to better protect our leaders from stress, burnout, and poor decision making (not that it isn’t a personal choice).

  2. wow….thanks….this is so sweet 🙂

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