What would you do?

November 5, 2006

So I was at Wallyworld today.  I despise Wal-Mart and shopping as a whole but needed some groceries and wanted to pick up another Ipod shuffle.  First one was a refurbish that was defective.  Anyway, did my shopping and they were out of shuffles.  They are kind of cheap right now and I have been saving my coffee fund for one.  So during my shopping there was this guy with 3 little girls with him, probably 6, 8, and 9 years old.  I hear him cussing at them, calling them names.  Of course, who gets in the check out line behind me?  Mean guy and he says to the oldest, take your gd coat you little +&(^@.  I am praying for them…ok that God might exact a very appropriate judgement on this man before he destroys these young kids when they are approached by a female friend.  He starts ranting about how bad these kids have been and that he is going to beat them.  He turns and looks at me and says someone is probably going to turn me in to SRS but I don’t give a damn.  Now I know if I say something

A. It may make things much more difficult for these kids, he would be mad and since he has no power over me, he might use his power over the girls.

B. I really want to glorify God, I don’t have anything God has told me to say, so I should just be quiet right?

I will pray for this family, but wondering still if I should have done something.  What would you have done?  have you ever been in a similar situation?

Love to hear your thoughts,



One comment

  1. Yes, I’ve been in Wallyworld with three kids and wished someone would just commit me by the time I left.

    Honestly, it’s no place for kids. Too much…for all involved.

    Tough one. Unjustified language and tone and comments. Hopefully idle threat. Whew. Burdening, isn’t it?

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