October 31, 2006

Kind of a meloncholy day.  Over the last few days I have thought a lot about my friends the Millers.  Lyle is the single father to three kids under the age of 10.  His wife Kathy died a year ago today.  Kathy and Lyle were the worship leaders at the Vineyard about 13 years ago when Katie and I began attending there.  I had divorced Katie’s father before she was born, and at age six she was pretty independent and outspoken.  I was a single mom and Lyle and kathy were always available to help out with katie.  I began playing guitar with the worship team and soon Kathy was matching-making, maybe that is why I love to do the same.  Anyway Kathy would invite me and Lyle would invite Greg and we would all head out to pizza, or McDonalds or ot their house.  Soon, Greg and I began to spend more and more time together and  eventually got married.  Lyle and Kathy played and sang for our wedding.  It was so special.

I don’t want to be sad today, it just doesn’t seem right.  I don’t want anything to tarnish my memories of those good times, yet I think about Nolan Sarah and Faith.  My mom died around 25 years ago and I have trouble remembering her.   I wonder what these kids will remember about Kathy?  Will they know she loved them passionately?  Will they know that she used to take her long black hair and make a pretend moustache to make katie laugh?  Will they know that she loved Jesus and loved to sing his praise?  I hope sometime I can share our wedding video with them so they can see their mom and maybe remember…


One comment

  1. God bless as you still think of Kathy and her impact on your life Shari. I hope you can be one of those people who can share with the kids how awesome their mother was!

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