October 10, 2006

Was talking with someone this weekend and I asked him to tell me about his job.  He works for Catepiller as a mechanical engineer but his job is so much more than that.  He is a problem facilitator.  He is a part of a team from the Wamego, KS office that is trained to assess problems and help the teams to facilitate solutions.  He gave me an example that really struck home for me.  He started, “you know how they used to coach, take game tape and point out all the mistakes and then tell the players don’t do this.  It wasn’t very effective because then the players ended up doing just what they saw on tape, what they weren’t supposed to do.  Now, effective coaches use game tape differently.  They show the players tape of what they did right, and others who did the job correctly.  They model the right way.  Kind of like the old and the new testement.  The old testement is a bunch of laws and don’t do it this way kind of teaching.  The new testement, on the other hand, is a handbook of the perfect example of how to live a Godly life.  The old testement is profitable, but the new testement is applicable.”

Wow, effective teaching and a good example for me.  I also thought about how Satan tries to harrass me.  He plays old tapes and videos in my mind that bring my performance down and discourage me.  My goal from now on is to 1. recognize and not allow this and 2. fill my mind with the examples Christ has left me of how to life my life, His way.

Be encouraged and remember to fill your mind with Christ.

Love you,




  1. Wonderful application of this lesson Shari! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. yeah… I think that’s a great analogy… and that guy is pretty darn cool in my opinion. He has a lot of great things to say! 🙂

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