Kansas State University Football 101

September 1, 2006

  Friday, August 25, 2006 is a day I will remember fondly for quite some time.  It was the inaugural session for Football 101 at Kansas State University and from the response of those around me, a wonderful learning experience and great success.  100 women signed up for the course and registration was full within the first 48 hours of the offering.

So at 1pm we were all seated in the Vanier Complex watching game video and cheering at past Wildcat success looking forward to learning about the Wildcats future.

            Coach Prince was introduced by Abby Boustead, Director of Wildcats Football Administration.  Prince, a very well spoken man, likened his dialogue to “the talk”.  “I’d really rather you get this information from me than from someone else.”  It was obvious this man had talked with many mothers and fathers before and was at ease being real with this group of women.  He also stated “I believe that in my lifetime or in my sons lifetime we will see a woman play in the NFL.”  After a brief review of his background and philosophy, Prince introduced James Franklin and shared a story of Franklin’s abduction from the Green Bay Packers.

 It was not long after that the family reunion began.  Questions regarding position responsibilities were only the tip of the iceberg and after 25 minutes of inquiry Coach Franklin had finally reached slide 2 of his power point presentation.  Then there was Helen.  Not able to see or hear well at her present location, her age might have been a factor, Helen was moved to the head of the class and offered ice-cold water for her comfort.  Someone knows how to treat a lady.

 Equally as entertaining and informative was Coach Raheem Morris.  Coach Morris was lured from NFL great Tampa Bay Buccaneers where details seemed a little sketchy about the reception Coach Prince received in Buccaneerland.  Full of energy and insight about the details of the defense Coach Morris also could have answered questions for much longer.  But at the allotted time we were whisked down stairs, pass uniform and equipment checkout, through the locker room into the recently completed players lounge.  So new, as a matter of fact, sawdust and sheetrock screws still littered the windowsill as we looked out upon the field.  At this point were entertained by Shawn Carlson and Scott Frost.  Shawn thoroughly explained each piece of equipment and Scott willingly modeled appropriate placement.  Conversation did head a little PG and Scott turned a lovely shade of red as Shawn recommended that next years session take on more of a Chippendale’s theme.  From the lounge we headed to the field, on the newly poured tunnel.  Coach Prince resumed the training and oriented us from power point slide to practical application as we traveled up and down the field.  This is where it hits you.  Looking up from the Power Cat on center field, I think we all began to realize that all these seats and more will be filled with people in purple screaming at these young men to go, fight, win!  I think many of us could envision these young athletes as our children and the maternal instinct was kickin’ in.  Then field practice time began, big boys in purple and white started to pour out onto the field and our time was up.  Still always the gentleman, Coach Prince changed his focus.  He furrowed his brow a little just looking for something to work on, breaking into a big smile when he could congratulate a young man on a job well done.   From the field we returned to the lounge to talk rules and regulations with Big XII officials Tim Murray and David Oliver.  Specific questions regarding the chop block, offensive pass interference, and rule changes for this season really demonstrated that many of these women were more than football beginners.  Tim and David did share with the group which KSU games they would be officiating and what their roles were in the officiating team.  It was surprising to many of the women that the officials are graded on their calls and must write explanations to any questionable ones.  Bonds were made during this session also, so fellows, you might be careful if you criticize the officiating this Fall.  It could be one of our friends you are criticizing.

Abby then took most of us up to the Big 12 Room where cocktails and appetizers were served to a very appreciate group of ladies.  As time evaporated and 5:30 arrived we reluctantly headed to the door where gift bags full of football goodies awaited us, along with a certificate of completion which now hangs framed above my desk.  Thanks Coach Prince and all,

Cat Fan For Life,

Shari Brown 



  1. Saw you at Jesus Creed. Nice to see another Kansan online … but really – a Royals fan 🙂

  2. Wow, I wish us Wolverine Fans would get the same treatment up here at the Big House!!! What a cool memory Shari!!!

  3. Thanks for the report, Shari. Glad you had a good time.
    Go Wildcats!

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