The Java Book Club

August 29, 2006

I sway somewhere between the need to be culturally relevant and the rejection of all that is relevant. For example, I have read Blue Like Jazz, Velvet Elvis and Abba’s Child, but will not read them in the coffee shop where it is accepted, even seen as a socially relevant “cool” status, to read them. So if a book is relevant and popular, if it makes the David Crowder recommended reading list, I will probably avoid it. But I am stupid, and I don’t intend to make that mistake with this book…Wanting All The Right Things. Below is an excerpt, what do you think?

On another level I need to admit that my obsession with success is a cry for attention and security, and ultimately the need for spiritual healing. I need my heavenly Father to show me that I matter to Him. The broken parts of me or the missing parts that still need to be filled in long for affirmation and to know that I am loved. When parents don’t tell their children this, they will look for other relationships and experiences to speak to their aching hearts. The significance-shaped vacuum cries out and seeks the comforts of the world’s applause.

God hears our cry for significance and whispers, “I put that longing in your heart because I have plans for you. I gave you that voracious hunger for greatness and beauty and purpose because I’m calling you to serve Me and reveal My marvelous purpose.” He is a generous and willing Father who tells His children, “Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, and the ends of the earth your possession” (Psalm 2:8, TNIV). Today I’m learning that as I step out in faith and take hold of the opportunities He gives me, I can trust He will enable me to leave my mark on this world.

Shirin Taber is the author of Wanting All the Right Things (RELEVANT Books).


One comment

  1. I am so beyond understanding myself it is pitiful.

    One book that ministers to me greatly on this level without making me feel broken to pieces is “Woman Thou Art Loosed” by TD Jakes.

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