Urban Dictionary

August 25, 2006

Do you puruse the dictionary of the urbanesquelly elite?  Typically, it confirms the fact that I am a through and through hick.  Has anyone seen my overalls?  Though I do love exploring where i am not supposed to go.

 Urban Word of the Day

August 25, 2006: urban exploration

The act of going places you’re not supposed to go. “Urban exploration”
acts as an umbrella phrase for other terms like infiltration, draining,
buildering and other actions which take place in an urban setting.
Often the act of urban exploration is illegal, as trespassing is usually
necessary. However, the majority of urban explorers do not intend to vandalize
property. One of the cardinal rules of urban exploration is “Take only
photographs, leave only footprints”.
Also known as “urban adventure” and “ue”.

“There’s an abandoned factory. Are you up for some urban

“I trespass on abandoned properties to take photographs of decaying
buildings. I am an urban explorer.”


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