Looking for a 2nd job/The great debate

August 22, 2006

After talking with Jon today, my boss at the paper, it looks like they won’t need me to go part time after all. So, that makes me very happy, just looking for that 2nd job right now, something about 16 hours a week. Monday and Friday would be great, could squeeze some hours in on Wednesday if needed and still get the paper out comfortably, cover KSU sports on the weekends and spend time with the fam. Sounds busy, but we are not talking forever. But I also want to hear from God. Does he want me working that much? If so, where, doing what? I am so stuck in a legalistic mode. I have been having a debate with myself. Yeah, I know that is kind of odd. But I like to take a side to an issue and defend it strongly and convince myself that it is right and true and just, then see if I can find enough evidence to sway myself the other direction. The last debate I did with myself was once saved/always saved-salvation in jeopardy. I was once saved always saved first and found a great website to build my support. Fortunately I found another great website that says you can lose you salvation. (Boy, out of context, that sounds bad,) final result, I am not telling. So anyway my debate this time is salvation centered also, since we are saved are we bound by the law to continually be confessing our sins or do we live in a state of grace and we are already forgiven for any sins we may commit? The point being to repent, sin no more. This one may not be as much fun, but I am guessing it will be. Any thoughts?


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  1. If you have to keep asking for forgiveness, even one sin unconfessed and unforgiven would separate you from a holy God in fellowship and in eternal destiny. God cannot stand in the presence of sin.

    God has forgiven all sin, past, present, and future.

    Our fate is in our own hands as to whether or not we receive that forgiveness. We walk in confession to keep our sin from invading our “fellowship” with God…but our relationship, once saved, is secure and unmoveable. He is our Father, we are his sons and daughters. No amount of rebellion can change that fact.

    A child who consistently walks in sin with no fruit of the Spirit’s work in their life? I would doubt their initial commitment and salvation. Fruit follows the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

    Deep stuff. I can look up scriptures to support if you get stuck, but won’t here today. Romans is a good place to center in much of this stuff. Read the New Amercian Standard version for Romans, though. Just take my word for it (to have a better handling of “flesh” and “old man”).

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