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August 16, 2006

How geeky does that sound? This is the place to hang if you want to learn more about gear, loops, Mac vs PC wars and techniques for creating a bunch of strange but cool sounds . A lot of people with a ton of knowledge…I am a stranger in a foriegn land.

Got a new memory stick for the camera at work. Can’t wait until Saturday to try it out again. Last open practice for the wildcats. Couple more people left the team. Quarterback, Allan Everidge, and tight end Nate Praeder. Coach Prince has this list, physically unable to perform, pup, and if you don’t pass this 300 yard course in a certain amount of time for your position you don’t get to practice. List has gone from 22? to 2. Praeder was on the PUP list which I am sure meant he was in the dog house. He even has a conditioning schedule and requirements for his coaches. Good thing Mangino is down the river. K who? I’d better watch out, pride goes before he fall.

Volleyball has an open practice following football. Should be a good sports weekend. Will try to post some pictures later today.



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  1. That story was pretty crazy, I was wondering what happened to the daughter after all that… I’d heard she’d moved to Indiana with her mom’s family, but that was it…

    Thanks so much for your encouragement with the job situation Shari, you and Heather are awesome blessings… 🙂 I hope you guys got your monitor mess straightened out! (We know how frustrating that stuff is… )

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