Flash Flooding in KS

August 14, 2006

Hear about the flash flooding?  Let me paint a picture for you… 4am, raining like a big dog, water pouring under the basement door, Greg trying unsucessfully to keep it out.  I go outside and try to create an alternate route for the water to travel.  Greg comes out and rescues me.  God stops the rain, I cry, clean up for a while longer, set up fans, start the washing machine, wash off some flood water accululations from my body and try to go back to sleep.  Up at 7 for work.

1. It could have been worse, it did stop raining after about 2 inches of rain.

2. No musical, technical, electrical equipment was damaged.

3. I have a great boss that will let me go home and collapse if I need to.

Life is good, even with a little water in the basement. 

Love you,



One comment

  1. I would remind you of the great advantage of having a Hoover carpet cleaner at this time. and a decent wet vac. We needed both.

    Bless your heart…been there, done that…twice.


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