Nike(electronics) Challenge

August 6, 2006

I officially hate electronics and they hate me too. Started off today with the &*&*%^*())^$#% monitors going out this morning before church, basically before we had practiced. Set up an amp for me to run through, never want to go back to play out a micced amp. So then it is 190 degrees, yeah you heard me 190, ok 109 degrees on this stupid track today and I bring every little comfort I can think of to make it work, 2 trips from the parking lot to a beautiful shade trade and then the ***)I(^&()*( %&$% camera wouldn’t work. I personally think it was too hot for the camera. I kept getting a memory stick error, but it worked fine last night and this morning inside.
Wow I feel better now, sorry for the *()*^&(. Sometimes you just got to type it like you mean it…


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