Nike Challenge

August 6, 2006

The press conference was great. Coach Prince is a very smart and able man. He has a ton of quotes and that’s really what the pc ending up being. He basically rephrased previous statements. That would get old for me, being asked the same questions over and over again, but he handles it well.
The Nike Challenge was hot, 103 to be exact and the camera didnt work after the 100 meter hurdles so I called it quits pretty early. I also went to a birthday party for Virginia Honstead. She is one of the residents at Meadowlark Hills and asked Greg if we would come. I really appreciated the opportunity to go but really must have looked like a mess after hanging out in the sun all afternoon.
Hopefully today will be better, I plan on taking a couple frozen h2o bottles and an umbrella, maybe the mister. Events start at one so I can hydrate post church and that will help. The discus and javelin are today, two of my favorite events, so that should be a blast.
Have a good sunday,


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