What a relief

July 28, 2006

I just heard back from the doctor.  No bad scary disease, no Lyme disease.  Probably getting caught up on sleep for lack of it the past 40 some years.  I actually have been feeling better and sleeping a little less the last two days. 12 hours a day is too much for anyone.  Time to get that exercise regimine going again.  So i need to know, what exercise program do you have and are you faithful?  Wish I could take some laps in this Ferrari, would that count?

Peace, love and cabs,



One comment

  1. That is a relief.

    I feel a need for some summer order to begin for me. Something that was motivational to read yesterday on this subject was “Life Management for Busy Women” by Elizabeth George. I picked mine up at the local Wal*Mart a year or two ago intending to use it as I saw disciple slipping in some area. I like to keep a book like that around for those seasons. She lists awesome scriptures on this topic that have me moving toward the direction of WANTING to be disciplines again!


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