weekend update

July 25, 2006

First of all, many thanks to JerryQ and Angel 95 for the tickets to One Way. K2 got to see Superchic(k), nephew Matt rocked out to Pillar and I also really enjoyed Mathew West. Never really listened to him before but the guy has a great voice. Also spoke about a near career ending injury and showed the wicked ugly scar. Be careful if you are breaking into your own house, dude bout cut his arm off.
So have been feeling wrong for about 2 months. Kind of came about the same time as the job change so attributed some of the symptoms to stress, but they tell me today a tiny little tick may be at the root of my problems. Lymes disease main symptoms are aching joints, fever, exhaustion. I had joked with my friends that I had recently acquired the gift of sleep, they all seem to be able to sleep on a rock in the middle of the park in broad day light. Until recently, I had to be in my bed, husband next to me, to really sleep well. Now I understand why I can sleep laely. Fortunately, treatment for Lyme disease is hard and heavy antibiotics so if I get confirmation tomorrow I will probably start drinking sour milk, I mean start the regimine. Katie has started calling me Limey. She thinks it is cute. She has freshman orientation at KSU on August 18th, classes start on the 21st. K2 starts 6th grade the same day. Where did our summer go?
I am legally published as of today. Just the epilogue in a book about culture change in long term care, but I received a lovely signed copy from one of the authors today and I have to say it was a nice feeling.
Katie and Kim leave for Virginia Monday. She throws on Tuesday at 9am. I hope she has a good time. Kind of a last high school event.
We had a wonderful experience tonight. Got a call on the machine when we got home at 6:15 that our neice Sarah would be baptised at 7pm at Pillsbury Crossing. Drove at a quick pace and made it in time to see brother-in-law Ron baptised his beautiful daughter. Life is good.
well, kids, it’s about time for sleep, so I am out of here.
Blessings and love,


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