I can’t imagine

July 19, 2006

We have some friends in the church who are facing pain that I can not imagine. These kids, 30 somethings that are devoted to God, have 2 natural children of their own. They have also adopted their 5 year old nephew so they have 3 boys under 8 years old. Then in May, they took in their 3 year old nephew, 1/2 brother to their son. This little guy came to them, barely able to speak, developmentally very slow and socially unable to cope. He has settled in well over the last 3 months and become one of the brothers though at first that was in question. I love this little man and he has earned a spot in the heart of many in our church. Saturday, his mom demanded him back. She was the one who initiated his trip to Kansas, he and his mom live in the south several states away. My friend, his aunt, was in tears Sunday, as I wanted to be. She has a lot on her plate, not only dealing with this, but her husband also has MS. Stress is not good for this condition and I know she tries to bear a great burden in order to protect him. Please offer prayers for this family, safety for little man, and good health for all.

Much love,


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