Free Friday

June 30, 2006

There is nothing like having Friday off, I am learning how to sleep in. You may think this is crazy but as someone with ADHD I have never required much sleep. 4-5 hours would usually do me, I am a light sleeper and the smallest sound wakes me, so once I am up that is usually it. But I am learning how to sleep in. Most college students have this down pat, so I feel a little behind the gun. But I made it to 7:30 today with only one period of sleeplessness at around 4. Normally I would have just gotten up for the day and not missed a beat. Oh, I always sleep with noise, usually the tv, but music is probably better, though I do get annoyed if I hear the same cd too long, even if it is in my sleep. Shane and Shane is the one exception.
Exciting plans for today, weeding the garden, maybe fishing, though sleeping in kind of messed that up, and detailing the vehicles. It is road trip weekend as Katie and I travel to Joplin Mo for a track meet. If she finishes in the top four she qualifies for Nationals in Virginia. Not sure how we would get her out there, but will look at that if she qualifies. She has decided to only throw discus since the javelin is 24 hours later at this meet and we can’t stay. She throws at 8 am tomorrow morning, so we will leave at 3am to get there on time. Will also stop by and see some friends who live outside of Joplin. Nothing much of note, but I continue to find it therapuetic to blog.
Many blessings,


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