Making the Change

June 29, 2006

Have some free time today, at least this morning, so I thought I would make the blog change I have been looking at.  WordPress seems fairly simple to use and I like the neat look of the page.  What do you think?

I am continuing the personal struggle I have been battling for the last few months.  I am beginning to wonder if my personality change might have something to do with the new ADHD meds.   I have really enjoyed not being distracted so easily, but it is definately not worth the mood swings and frustration at the littlest thing.  Dr. S has another medication to help with these symptoms but I feel like going the opposite direction and getting off everything.  I plan on doing some more reading on alternative methods.  Prayer, honestly, is my only hope.

This blog title comes from I Cor. 2:9

However, it is written

No eye has seen,

nor ear has heard

No mind has conceived

What God has Prepared

For those who love Him.





  1. Looks pretty cool.

  2. like the site. wordpress is great.

  3. Very cool. Love the categories. Have to check that out!

    Hang in there! I’m buying T-shirst that say, “I am woman, watch me cry!” lately! uggh!

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